TBS Teams Up with Funny or Die

TBS, already in association with Adult Swim, forged ad sales alliance with Funny or Die. This alliance follows working with HBO, Fuse, and Yahoo, which increasingly makes us wonder if there will be a Funny or Die channel (perhaps leading the internet television revolution)

Larry David to work with Greg Mottola on possible upcoming movie. Get ready for a bunch of bits of how Larry gets frustrated between the “#” and “@” symbols on Twitter.

Marc Maron will be on Louie. Anyone have odds on whether he’ll play a comedian with cats?

Donald Glover might be on HBO’s Girls. Special interest groups now decide the direction of casting on TV?

Brody Stevens podcast “The Steven Brody Stevens Festival of Friendship” launched on Feral Audio. Following his great set on Conan, someone needs to make a positive energy counter that has a bonus Yes! counter.