Catch Up on Our Podcast, This Better Be Funny, As We’re Experimenting With It a Little Bit

We’ve been doing our podcast, This Better Be Funny, for over a year now and while we’ve enjoyed riffing it out with some of the funniest comedians we can catch at anywhere from their car to an alley to a dive bar to a Denny’s to the stairs of a Church, we’re trying a little experiment coming next week.

Given that co-host Jeremy Paul has been oft-described as evil and has the stories to back it up, we thought it would be pretty great if we had our guests try to “out-despicable” Jeremy with a story of their own for the prize of a cassette tape of their choice* (*that’s what Jeremy had on hand for a prize). Co-host Jake Kroeger will decide, after the guest’s story and a story of Jeremy’s chosen from slips of paper by the guest, which is more detestable and if the guest wins said cassette tape* (cassette tape player not provided).

The first episode of this ‘Despicable mini-series’ on This Better Be Funny starts off with some pretty great depravity with Alex Hooper this Monday, so tune in then.

In the meantime, catch up on all these great episodes (we’ve got a lot of them since we’ve been doing it for a year) like the one embedded above with Jake Weisman and random girls pissing on his car in which we were recording in and many others featuring the comedic riffing brilliance of:

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