Watch Maria Bamford Make Up Voices for Realtors and James Adomian Arm Wrestle Guy Branum on Talk Show the Game Show

Talk Show the Game Show is bringing talk show games to a whole other level as evidenced by these clips of Maria Bamford having to use her voice talents to bring pictures of realtors to life and James Adomian going head-to-head with Guy Branum in an arm wrestling match (with a spectacular finish we might add).

Also, unlike the majority of other talk show and late night games, the points and winners do matter and have a whole set of judges that keep them accountable to being the most entertaining guest throughout the evening. Again, we hope this revolutionizes playing games with celebrities on television going forward. 

By the way, there’s a new episode of Talk Show the Game Show with Guy Branum tonight on TruTV at 10PM.