Pick of the Day: How to Start a Fire from Sydnee Washington (in NYC) 8/14

Fresh off being named one of the New Faces of Comedy by the Just For Laughs Festival, it’s more imperative than it already was to go watch Sydnee Washington whenever and wherever she plays (you ought to know that Comedy at the Knitting Factory on Sundays is the place to be in Brooklyn). Sydnee’s panache and vulnerability in her comedy together truly demand your attention and why she is a fast rising star right now.

Sydnee has just started in on a solo show, How to Start a Fire, that follows a very specific thread of her childhood that lead to “an infamous fire that could have ruined her family” (as opposed to that one in Manchester By the Sea). The first performance of it sold out almost instantly and, thusly, you should snag tickets to her latest date for How to Start a Fire set for Sat. Aug. 14th at 10PM ET.

Tickets are $15 and you can (and very, very much should) go get them here.