Superego Has a Winner For Their Editing-One-Nearly-40 Minute-Sketch Contest

Earlier this year, one of the funniest podcasts around, Superegorevealed the existence of a sketch about scissor repairman that they had recorded that went nearly 40 minutes known as Stetch Maldonay.

They weren’t sure what to do with it due to its unwieldy length. So, they opted to have a contest to see if any of the Superego faithful would be able to make it into something that’s fit for their high quality brand of short form audio absurdity. 

Well, months after the contest was announced, they’ve found a winner in a submission from one Blake Fawley, which you can hear here

We’ve heard it and it definitely meets Superego standards. They’ve also found some runner-up winners as well that you can listen to here.

If there’s any takeaway here, you should just be listening to any and all of Superego.