We’re Always Taking Submissions

Want to have your comedy web series, video, short film, podcast, album, special, book, audio book, essay, stand-up, improv, sketch, play, variety show etc. featured and/or listed at The Comedy Bureau?

Well, just send us your stuff at thecomedybureau@gmail.com for consideration! If we dig it, we’ll post about it or list it. We love discovering new folks, troupes, and more, so don’t feel intimidated in ever sending anything in.

Three things:

1) For now, we’re based in LA, so if you’re submitting a show for listing, please have it been within the Greater LA area. Otherwise, we’ll take in anything else to be potentially featured from anywhere else in the world.

2) Do keep in mind that we’re short staffed, so keep your submissions brief (i.e. don’t send EPK or extensive bios/descriptions) so we can get through submissions as quickly as possible.

3) Please submit recent work only i.e. anything that’s been posted or released from beyond two weeks of your submission. We like keep things fresh at the Bureau.