Steve Martin and Martin Short’s An Evening You Will Forget For the Rest of Your Life Makes Busting Balls a Classy Affair


For an hour special of Steve Martin and Martin Short together, you’d expect roast jokes of celebrities, splashes of absurdity, Jiminy Glick, an air of distinction (only to be undercut by something abject silliness), musical numbers, and, of course, bluegrass.

An Evening You Will Forget For The Rest of Your Life, the comedy special from Martin and Short now streaming on Netflix delivers on those expectations, but also highlights the friendship between the two comedy titans. Busting chops, balls, etc. between comedians has been a long held practice and form of bonding and here, in this special, Steve and Martin do the snazziest version of that. In fact, the opening of the special is purely them taking turns explicitly throwing shade at each other tit-for-tat.

As far as we can recall, this might be one of the classiest showcases of one-upsmanship in comedy and a great reminder of why Steve Martin and Martin Short have been held in such high esteem for decades.

You can see it all for yourself as An Evening You Will Forget For The Rest of Your Life is now streaming on Netflix.