Greg Daniels and Steve Carell Will Be Sending Up Trump’s “Space Force” in New Netflix Series

When the head moron in the White House announced the creation of a new “Space Force”, much of the world marveled at another revelation of how childish Trump really is.

Greg Daniels and Steve Carell will be sending up that very organization in a new Netflix series that was announced today simply titled Space Force.

No other details for the series exist at this time, but even if this puts a sort of Michael-Jim-Pam-Dwight dynamic in the setting of a Space Force Office, we’d probably be pretty OK with that. Another possibility might be more along the lines of a deep cut from Steve Martin’s filmography, Sgt. Bilko, a workplace comedy set on an Army base that specifically focused on fooling higher-ups that a hovering tank was both worked and was a good idea. It’s all speculation at this point unfortunately.

In any case, we’re excited that Carell will be working with Daniels on a comedy once again.