Stephen Colbert To Have Recurring Segment on “The Late Show” To Investigate Who He Really Is

(via Time)

Of course, as it’s a segment from Stephen Colbert, it will be called Who Am Me?

It’s now common knowledge that Stephen Colbert played the character of a conservative pundit as host of The Colbert Report. Ever since he lead the Colbert Nation, fans and detractors alike wondered what the real Colbert was like. 

Well, Stephen is planning to take on that query head on by having professionals investigate his past, talking to various people Colbert knew over the years, and seeing how that brought on the Stephen Colbert we know today. The findings will presented in a series of segments titled Who Am Me?, as mentioned above, on The Late Show.

Given how long he kept the Colbert character going, let’s see if this is all a long con when Stephen starts his tenure at The Late Show on Sept. 8th.