Stephen Colbert Is Funding $800K Worth of South Carolina Teacher Requested Grants

(via BuzzFeed News)

For all South Carolina teachers asking for grants via, that is indeed all the grants. 

Just like he did with his Colbert Super PAC money, Stephen Colbert raised a good chunk of money, this time, from auctioning off The Colbert Report set and also got those funds matched from several charitable organizations and then put it to good use.

As he is a South Carolinian, Colbert chose to fund every grant money request for books, supplies, programs, etc. by South Carolina teachers on the educational crowdfunding platform Donorschoose, which totaled $800,000.

As he did this without the whole ruse of the Colbert character, this might be just a preview of the good will he’ll spread on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this fall.