Stephen Colbert Signs Off From The Colbert Report Into Eternity With Star-Studded Farewell

Bryan Cranston, Katie Couric, Jeff Daniels, Big Bird, Willie Nelson, Hoda Kotb, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Jon Stewart, Abraham Lincoln, Cookie Monster, and way, way more gathered to say goodbye to the character known as Stephen Colbert and his program on Comedy Central, The Colbert Report last night after its now renowned 9 year run. 

However, it wouldn’t be consistent with The Colbert Report to just a big music number and end like typical late night shows. The ‘Report’ has been anything but typical. In fact, it’s been revolutionary and, as such, “Stephen” goes off into this particular good night, as he’s always been, still in amazing, hysterical character.

Watch the big musical farewell and the last words of “Stephen Colbert” before he becomes Stephen Colbert now.