Stephen Colbert Gives an Update on “The Late Show” and “The Colbeard”

Unless you’ve gotten to be one of the privileged few to sit in on one of the panel interviews he’s hosted or the commencement speeches he’s given, you haven’t seen much of Stephen Colbert since he left The Colbert Report at the end of last year.

Well, Stephen has a message for you and the rest of the world that he’s ready to come back with his new gig as the host of The Late Show at CBS

Actually, he’s ready to come back three months from now on Tues. Sept. 8th.

Until then, you can watch that message again and again and again, follow @colbertlateshow on Twitter, like the FB page, and get the free Colbr app.

Hopefully, that’ll be enough to tide you over until Colbert’s next fun possibly facial hair related update.