Pick of the Day: Steph Tolev’s I’ve Always Been F*cked 10/6

We had previously given you a heads up on the absolutely hysterical Steph Tolev putting on a live-stream performance of her solo show I’ve Always Been F*cked, but it had been moved to October just after we had posted about it.

So, we feel it our due diligence to highlight the show’s new date on Tues. Oct. 6th at 6PM PT/9PM ET via Dynasty Typewriter. Again, Tolev’s unflinching honesty and vulnerability and domineering presence on stage have made her into one of our favorite folks to watch on stage at any time and place and the prospect of her very own solo show is absolutely something we’re looking forward to,  even if it’s live-streamed.

Tickets are going for $1-$10 and can (and very much should) be snagged here.