Pick of the Day: 69 Filthy Minutes with Steph Tolev (in NYC) 3/10

If you’re in and around LA comedy at all, it should be no mystery or surprise to you that Steph Tolev is one of the funniest people in the scene. Her brash, bold, and yet very vulnerable comedy that’s delightfully accented by Steph’s one-of-a-kind voice has been such a joy to Los Angeles for years now and we’ll never forget that she is very likely the only comedian that had a show done for her where dozens of her favorite comics in town did an impersonation of her in tribute.

So, NYC is going to get their own bit of Steph next week as she’ll be doing a very special evening of sketch and stand-up at Asylum NYC on Thurs. Mar. 10th at 7:30PM ET. Very specifically she’ll be doing a special 69 minutes that Steph would like it to be very clear that it’s “not PG” (in case the “69” didn’t make it clear).

Tickets are $18.81 (including fees) and you can (and very much should) go get them here.