Superego’s Matt Gourley and James Bladon Have Made Theme Songs for Non-Existent TV Shows and Are Taking Submissions For Opening Sequences

This is almost like a DIY version of Adam Scott’s Greatest Event in Television History specials.

Matt Gourley from the beloved Superego and James Bladon have teamed up to make TV themes that sounds so much like a real TV theme of a TV show from yesteryear, you’d have a hard time believing the shows didn’t exist. Even when they have long acronyms like S.T.I.N.G.R.A.Y. or juxtapose gnomes into a sitcom, the theme songs of Stay Tuned Vol. 1 are pretty perfect.

If you so desire and have the free time and resources to do so, Gourley and Bladon are looking for submissions for opening credit sequences to go with these themes. They just might feature your submissions as well. 

While it might seem like a lot of work, we have no doubt that someone’s going to come up with something great as plenty of folks did for Superego’s Stetch Maldonay contest.