Behold a Mockumentary Following a Luxury Dog Racket in China with Trailer for “St. Bernard Syndicate”

While you’re waiting for the world to forget about Sacha Baron Cohen so he can pull off another feat almost unbelievable undercover satire, you might do well to look elsewhere for your expert level ribbing of the powers that be. One of the places would be the works of Danish filmmaker Mads Brügger, who brought the world a documentary following a “comedy troupe” touring North Korea with Red Chapel.

Now, he’s coming out with a mockumentary that follows a scheming duo looking to set up a racket centered entirely around a St. Bernard. Even though it’s a mockumentary as opposed to a documentary, it looks to have some Baron-Cohen-esque fun.

See for yourself in the trailer here, then look for St. Bernard Syndicate in limited theatrical release starting Jan. 18th (and iTunes on Feb. 5th).