New Paul F. Tompkins Podcast “Spontaneanation” Coming to Earwolf Apr. 1st

For those with a general sense of yearning since Paul F. Tompkins’ Pod F. Tompkast’s last episode, you might not yearn any longer (also, you should probably check out Dead Authors and Superego). 

Paul’s got a brand new podcast for us all.

Come Apr. 1st. (which is not a prank), Earwolf will premiere Spontaneanation with Paul F. Tompkins. It’s an improvised podcast that will feature Paul and the various friends of his that are exquisite improvisers letting loose based off a conversation.

From the sounds of this preview, the likes of Lauren Lapkus and his Superego partners will be joining Paul in the fun, so you’re definitely going to want to listen and subscribe.