The Special Without Brett Davis Is Definitely Keeping The Great and Weird Streak Alive at MNN

The Special Without Brett Davis premiered a month ago at MNN in place of The Chris Gethard Show and, after a month, it looks like they’re keeping the bonkers spirit of that late night spot going, but, at the same time, making it all their own.

With the premise of Brett Davis “being” dead and having to have subsequent “different” hosts from vastly different walks of life, The Special Without Brett Davis has gotten to go really off the rails in a really great way. 

How off the rails you ask? Well, just watch how wrestling champion Bobby Blayze deal with a terminally ill kid that’s not your typical terminally ill kid and what happens when a bass player in a band of bass players/cult followers gets interrupted during a cult ceremony that’s probably NSFW.

By the way, all the full episodes are on YouTube right here because you know you’ll want to watch them.