Special Thanks to Any and All That Performed and Came to Our Very Belated 8th Anniversary Show

TCB’s Bureau Director/Founder Jake Kroeger 

Sincerely, thanks to all for make running The Comedy Bureau (a full time job that doesn’t pay like one yet) worth it for all these years. Another special thanks goes to the crowd, the performers (including sketch group Dress Up Gang with their exclusive unreleased sketch not pictured below), co-producer Amanda Raba, Echoes on Pico, and, our family in LA comedy that all came together at our Very Belated 8th Anniversary last week. Please keep us going at Patreon or on Venmo @jakekroeger (we will be revamping the site to make as great as it can be and need your help to do so).

FYI, here are some photos (all by Amanda Raba) of what you might have missed.

Simon Gibson

Laurie Kilmartin

DeMorge Brown as Ephraim Elizabeth King

Jackie Kashian

Joey Greer (w/audience member on stage)

Viggo Venn and Chad Damiani

Byron Bowers