“Space Force” Teaser Shows Steve Carell as Boss of an Office Again (Though Much More Dangerous Than Dunder Mifflin)

An argument could be made that Steve Carell knows how to play a conflicted boss type better than almost any one just off his performance as Michael Scott on The Office.

With that in mind, it’s very exciting to see Carell in another boss role that’s set in an office in Netflix’s upcoming satirical comedy from Steve Carell and Greg Daniels, Space Force, based on Trump’s real life, newly created branch of the U.S. military. In this office, the stakes are much, much higher than they would be at Dunder Mifflin and Carell isn’t necessarily the main source of the strife so much as it’s emanating from the circumstances he was placed in. Space Force actually seems a little closer in DNA to Veep than The Office, though we’ll see when Space Force premieres given Daniels and Carell being so closely tied to the American version of The Office. Still, Carell returning to being the series lead in a comedy is pretty damn enticing.

See all of this for yourself in Space Force teaser here.