Southland Comedy Festival Will Be LA’s First Big Time Comedy Festival in Awhile

It’s truly hard to put on a festival in LA proper as there’s so much comedy that happens every night of the week that’s worth checking out. As such, Los Angeles only has a big festival every now and again.

Thankfully, the Southland Comedy Festival is kind of leaning into the wealth of talent in the LA comedy scene by not only having SCF shows at many of the major clubs around town, but also some of our favorite indie spots as well (including The Blind Barber, The Comedy Bunker, and Bar Lubitsch). There will be plenty of great shows, and, if you can manage it, you can capture a good cross-section of what stand-up comedy is like in LA. 

Here’s a small promo for the festival that slickly shows you what they’re up to.

This inaugural edition of The Southland Comedy Festival is happening across several venues in LA from Tues. Jan. 7th-Sat. Jan. 11th. and passes are going for just $49-$59. If you’re digging this, get more details, passes, etc. here.