Please Enjoy Sophie Buddle’s Great American TV Debut on Corden

Harland Williams, Jon Dore, Nathan Fielder, Debra DiGiovanni, and Katie Crown are just a few names of amazing Canadian comedians that have made an indelible mark her in America with the very own unique brand of off-kilter humor. If you don’t already know, you might actually be more than pleasantly surprised the plethora of funny people that Canada has exported down South to the U.S. over several decades.

The latest arrival from up North is one Sophie Buddle who just made her very first American TV appearance by doing stand-up on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Sophie has fantastic way of luring in people with her subversively playful delivery and a splash of a stereotypically blonde on-stage persona, then serving up very sharp, delightfully mischievous punchlines.

Even the way she started off this set makes it seem like she’ll be so innocent and Buddle plays with that expectation hilariously.

So, enjoy Sophie Buddle’s Late Late Show set here.