Sony Changing Military Uniform Buttons and, Possibly, Face Melting in ‘The Interview’

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

(NOTE: Spoilers possibly ahead) The Interview starring James Franco and Seth Rogen has been a hot button movie for Sony ever since it was first announced. Being fiercely decried by North Korea for its plot that follows the assassination of Kim Jong-Un, Sony has already moved back the release date to Christmas from October.

Now, they will be altering uniform buttons that the depicted North Korean military wears as well as thinking about changing a scene where Kim Jong-Un’s face is melted off. 

Some of the reasoning behind these changes have been cited as “clearance issues” rather than political pressure, but who gets clearance from a military and a leader of a country that keeps contact with the U.S. to a minimum? Have higher-ups in North Korea have not seen the multitudes of web videos satirizing North Korea in a similar way?

More importantly, would North Korea really try to start a war over a movie?