Sometimes Facebook is magic.

I accidentally added a “porn producer” named “Yeah ThisMe” on Facebook & he posted a casting notice for one of his “pictures” on my wall. Then he got roasted, HARD, by a bunch of comics. I almost feel bad for him.

Yea ThisMe: Attention! I have 2 position open for my new porn movie. The name of the movie is i can suck a dick better then you,no you cant! If that sounds like you drop me a line. You could start tomorrow!!! 🙂
Brandie Posey: Hey look, I think I’m going to pass, but I see you’re friends with Theresa Dringle. That sick bitch will do anything for money.
Yea ThisMe: Everyone who message me thanks but i fill all position! The people that i said i will call be i will thank you everyone for your support!! 🙂
Brandie Posey: No wonder you’re in porn, your grammar is horrendous!
Matt Lewis: sour grapes. Brandie
Brandie Posey: Y’know, I was busy tomorrow anyway. I’m teaching orphans how to read.
Barbara Gray: Brandie this is obviously the perfect place to showcase good twin/evil twin abilities
Yea ThisMe: Brandie was not on here for you i already been told you have bumps in your mouth. Sorry!
Brandie Posey: OH SHIT NO YOU DIDN’T! Guess I’ll never get to see your dick sucking lips in person, damnation!!
Yea ThisMe: Lol i dont use my lips when im having sex i have big 11 inch dick. Sorry bumpy mouth wrong person!:)
Yea ThisMe: Now leave me alone so i can go fine some pretty chicks.that movie is call, i suck the news anchor dick ttyl
Brandie Posey: Oh I completely believe your dick is 11 inches, THAT’S why you’re casting through facebook friend requests.
Brandie Posey: But bro! We’re friends! And friends talk! And share! C’mon, tell me how it felt when you realized you’d never contribute anything of note to the world.
Paul Jay: ‎”I’m an office manager at Disability Advocate, but what I really want to do is direct porno” -the worst person alive
Kate Hackett: Brandie, you have bumps in your mouth? …what, teeth?
Mark Oshiro: I’m not sure I know what just happened.
Patrick Melton: Wait a second, Yea ThisMe; Do you have to be a girl to be in these movies? I’ve got moves.
Josh Androsky: Hey, Yeah ThisMe, is all it takes to become a porn producer a 5th grade education and delusions of grandeur? Also, if you can’t understand what I just said (and I don’t blame you if you can’t– lots of big words!) you’re a terrible piece of shit. Kindly go to hell.
Paul Jay: So much weirdness. He only has 12 friends? One of them is Brandie, at least one of the others is fictional? I kinda wanna tell him I’m a sexy lady just to see which freeway he lives under.
Jim Hegarty: A brief phone call with this guy:
Caller: Hi, can I speak with Yea ThisMe?
Yea ThisMe: Yea, this Yea ThisMe.
Jim Hegarty: …Hey, Yea ThisMe, how do you go from being a Disability Advocate to sex on film? If you say ‘Amputee Porn’ I will quit Facebook.
Josh Androsky: Oh, and if Yea ThisMe is a fake profile, KUDOS. It’s really hard to write that poorly on purpose.
Alex Volz: dude! show us a picture of your giant 11 inch cock! that is so awesome.
Brandie Posey: My favorite is the photo of his daughter under his profile pictures – he says she looks like him, but she’s not rocking a sleezestache, so I don’t really see the resemblance. Also, that spark of intelligence in her eyes must be on the mother’s side.
Drew Koshgarian: it’s weird how sometimes all you have to do to get treated like a human being is to behave like one, have a human name, or speak human language. 0 for 3.
Drew Koshgarian: on a potentially related note, i don’t know that I’ve ever seen a more defeated-looking facial expression in a profile picture. Somebody get this guy into doctors’ care, for crying out loud. (not hot doctors)

The saga continues…
The Comedy Bureau: Anyone want to make “Brandie Posey’s Virtual Roasts”?