If You Thought the Sky Mall Magazine Was Too Ridiculous To Parody, Sky Maul 2 Will Prove You Wrong



If you’ve flown on a plane in the last several years, you might have noticed a catalog amidst the magazines and safety guide in the pocket in front of your seat. That catalog known as Sky Mall has become infamous for its wide and varied offerings for things your probably don’t need and most certainly don’t need to buy while you’re thousands of feet in the air. 

Whether it be an upside down tomato garden, stairs for your dogs, etc., Sky Mall somehow has it all and that’s why Robert Baedeker, Dan Klein, John Reichmuth, and James Reichmuth have created the parody of it, Sky Maul 2: Where America Buys His Stuff.

In their parody, set to come out Oct. 21st, you can stuff like a “Personality Alert Bracelet” and other things you absolutely should want, but have no need for. So, make sure you pre-order this right now