“Sklars and Stripes” Audio Documentary Series Shows How Sklar Brothers Come Up with Material for Whichever City They’re Playing


Coming up with jokes will always be a mystifying, magical process. Every comedian does it differently and their inspiration can range from anything  including molecules to the entirety of the known universe.

The Sklar Brothers are fantastic comedians that definitely have a knack for the craft of joke writing itself. As such, Audible Comedy recorded an audio documentary series that followed Jason and Randy through their gigs across the U.S. Specifically, their actual observations about a place and time are juxtaposed with the distilled jokes that they tell later on. It’s a fascinating glimpse into a facet of the comedic process of two of the quickest wits in comedy.

Sklars and Stripes spans 12 chapters across 10 different cities, which includes a chapter where they had to perform the week after the 2016 election, and is definitely worth a listen. Get it all and hear it on Audible here.