Pick of the Day: Shout Out Show! w/Aisha Alfa, Sophia Zolan, & Wynter Spears! 6/20

As one might know, part of celebrating Juneteenth today and marking liberation from slavery (though it persisted in other forms long after) in America in 1865 and this weekend is celebrating and lifting up black voices.

The Dynasty Typewriter just so happens to be hosting a live-stream that fits right in that lane with The Shout Out Show. It’s a “ridiculously positive, rainbow filled, joyous hour” of shout outs featuring black comedians Aisha Alfa and Wynter Spears. Hosts Aisha, Wynter, and Sophia Zolan spend this uplifting hour shouting out their absolute favorites.

The live-stream is accepted donations that will go to Snap4Freedom, an organization that’s working to “a Black Trans Futurist Framework for practical abolition as the way to liberation.”

Get more details, RSVP, donate here.