You Can Watch and Vote on Short Films Like “Myrna The Monster” in The Wrap’s Digital Shortlist Film Festival

If you didn’t want to trek to a specific art house theater or a film festival to potentially see some short films that are clever, funny, heartfelt, heartbreaking, original, The Wrap’s Shortlist Film Festival might be for you.

Industry news site, The Wrap, has curated their own short film festival and are currently screening them on YouTube for your viewing pleasure as well as the opportunity for you to vote on your favorites. 

So, you can watch some great short films like the live-action animated dramedy Myrna the Monster from Ian Samuels, SMILF from Frankie Shaw featuring Thomas Middleditch, and many more.

FYI, screening/voting ends on Aug. 18th. Go and watch all 12 short films here.