Please Enjoy Watching a Shiva Go Completely Awry in Trailer for “Shiva Baby”

It seems as though the handful of big movie releases that have managed to happen in the last year on some streaming service, VOD, or, perhaps, at a drive-in haven’t really lived up to any of the hype. Maybe not watching them on the big screen has something to do with that or maybe the good stuff is being kept for when movie theaters can open in full.

Indie and arthouse fare, however, have gone strong throughout the pandemic and another indie comedy that one should be looking forward to is Shiva Baby.

Emma Seligman‘s feature length debut throws several flies into the ointment of the already cathartic experience of Shiva with a bisexual lead in Rachel Sennott just happening to run into her sugar daddy and her ex-girlfriend. Sounds pretty fun to us. Here‘s a trailer to give you a sneak peek of all of that.

Look for the release of Shiva Baby on Apr. 2nd.