Please Get and Enjoy Shalewa Sharpe’s “So, You Just Out Here?”


When committing yourself to hearing an hour or so of comedy, you’d probably like to hear a voice that can comfort you while pointing out the taken-for-granted absurdities of the world.

NYC’s Shalewa Sharpe has one such ideal voice. Her sophomore album “So, You Just Out Here?” is full of spot-on, worldly observations that point out the big and small cracks in the veneer of this world. Yet, Sharpe delivers said material with such a calm that you might just think things might be OK (well, at least during the duration of listening to So, You Just Out Here?). It’s a perfect balance of sweet and sour and definitely we want to listen on repeat (or delightfully have pop up in shuffle when listening to music).

Shalewa Sharpe’s So, You Just Out Here? just dropped today and you can (and very much) should go get it at Apple Music or wherever you listen to comedy albums.