Pick of the Day: Sh*tShow: F*ck It Edition 4/30

Even at the very start of lockdown, we had the idea that whenever in person shows could happen again that live-streaming them simultaneously would probably be the way forward.

Well, it looks like that is going to actually become more of a thing as a good deal of Littlefield NYC’s shows will have very limited capacity and also live-stream the show from the venue for a nice price, so the rest of the world (and definitely more folks than the venue can hold) can tune in.

So, one such show is that you can try this out with is the beloved NYC favorite SH*TSHOW, hosted by Ophira Eisenberg and Emily Flake. They’re back at it with a splendid NYC line-up of Shalewa Sharpe, Gastor Lamonte, Jessica Delfino, and Kendra Cunningham and you don’t have to be in Brooklyn, at Littlefield, in-person to watch. You can just pay $5 and get a live-stream link for the show, but witness it like it was something that you were actually at.

SH*TSHOW: F*ck It Edition goes live on Fri. Apr. 30th at 4:30PM PT/7:30PM ET and you can (and should) go get tickets here.