So, an actual Reefer-Madness-esque 1938 flick called Sex Madness gets a wonderful dollop of meta humor in Sex Madness Revealed! via Patton Oswalt and magician Rob Zabrecky playing a snarky film podcast host and grandson of the Sex Madness director respectively. Throughout this “tell-all” version of the film, the two have suspenseful conversation about Sex Madness

Dreamt up, written, and directed by Tim Kirk, this film Sex Madness Revealed! will its LA premiere at the Bootleg Theater and have Kirk as well as Oswalt and Zabrecky on hand for a Q&A. Also, this evening will serve as a benefit for the brand new Vidiots coming to Eagle Rock in 2020.

There are so many great reasons to go to this and tickets are only $15. Go get them here now.