Following Up a Whole Album About Death, Sean White Makes a Great Case for Anger and Loneliness with “Angry & Alone”


Exactly two years ago, we told you about Sean White’s bold debut album Dead & Gone that centered on death, both in his experiences with it and conceptually. Bold though it may be to essentially do a comedy album on death, Sean delivered and carved a really great hour.

This latest album, Angry & Alone, continues Sean focusing in on concepts through his own dark comedic lens. In a way, Sean delivers a hilarious new hour that makes a great case for the usefulness of anger and the value of being alone. His personal experience and carefully made observations make the pair of anger and isolation seem kind of fun and unique to himself as opposed to the many angry, lonely comedians that are out there these days.

Here’s a small morsel to show you what we’re talking about.

Get Angry & Alone now from AST Records as a CD or off of iTunes.