This Episode of Modern Comedian with Sean Patton is About Hollywood vs. Brooklyn, Not LA vs. NYC

We love Sean Patton and his comedy as well as Scott Moran’s web series “Modern Comedian” and we’re very glad that the two crossed paths and had this latest episode of the series touching on neighborhoods and how it affects a comedian and their process.

That being said, there’s a lot of LA hate in this from Patton, which, if you’re observant enough, is pretty much relegated to Hollywood, specifically Hollywood Blvd. The NYC portion features the coolest parts of Brooklyn. To put it in perspective, a similar take could have been made in the reverse comparing Times Square to Los Feliz/Silverlake/Echo Park. The bigger point here, we think, is that the environs of an artist are both crucial and integral to their art. Seldom few other artistic media rely so heavily upon your surroundings and trying to understand, process, and ultimately make fun of your experiences no matter how real or absurd they end up being like comedy does. So, before you go writing off Sean’s hatred of Hollywood or this episode, which does have credence to it and he makes great jokes out of, know, first off, there are parts of LA that Sean does love (Moran assured us of this), and any city that hits around the 10 million people mark is bound to have a lot of things in it worthy of bitching about.

In regards to the Vice magazine piece recently written by a UK transplant (which Death and Taxes has a good response to), we’ll say this: LA is not like wherever you’re from, just like any city that isn’t the city where you’re from, so before you go saying LA is the worst place on the planet, just think about living in the majority of places in Africa where the death rate is the highest on the planet.