Please Get and Enjoy the Very Sweet Sean Jordan’s Album “The Buck Starts Here”


For those unfamiliar with Sean Jordan or uninitiated to All Fantasy Everything podcast (where he is a regularly recurring member of the podcast), you’re in for a sweet treat if you (and you should) give Jordan’s new album “The Buck Starts Here”.

Jordan himself is a sweet, sweet man that happens to also contain an encyclopedia’s worth of colloquialisms (perhaps he has made up a few?). All of that is put lovingly on display in this new hour. His stories of his life and the uniquely playful way he goes about telling them are undeniably delightful. In fact, we’ll be that whatever idea you had of someone who loves skateboarding that grew up in Sioux Falls, SD that went on to be a comedian will be changed for the better from The Buck Starts Here.

The Buck Starts Here is available now and you can (and, again, you should) get it on Apple Music here.