Scheer-RL Relives When TRL Did a Sit Down with Marilyn and When an Uninvited Mariah Carey Came with a Popsicle Cart

Paul Scheer’s Scheer-RL continues to roll out with recreating some of the crazier moments that have happened on any sort of show, much less a music video countdown show like Total Request Live.

These latest episodes recount the times when Marilyn Manson, played by here Brett Gelman, fielded weird questions from Carson Daly and audience members about his controversial music and when Mariah Carey, played by Kumail Nanjiani, just bizarrely showed up without any prior booking or invitation along with a popsicle cart right before they cut to commercial.

Though exaggerated, stuff like Mariah interrupting TRL really did happen and Scheer-RL does well in playing up what many of us were thinking when that was happening live.