Please Enjoy Sarah Squirm’s Hysterical Grotesque Voyage “The Sarah Vaccine” (and Also Get Actually Vaccinated)

America currently hovers at just over 48% fully vaccinated against COVID-19 despite Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines being readily available to the majority of Americans at this very moment.

Rather than obsess over the reality of science and the disparity of vaccine hesitancy (especially in the face of lack of access to the most effective vaccines in several dozens countries around the globe), why don’t you dive into the wildly absurd, marvelously horrifying, and hilarious world of Sarah Squirm’s latest work, “The Sarah Vaccine”? We could go into lurid detail about it, but we’ll let you just enjoy the 13 minute ride (which, if you love I Think You Should Leave, we think you’ll love).

Why worry about protecting yourself against one of the deadliest viruses in our lifetime when you can go out with a really messy bang? Find out with watching The Sarah Vaccine, fresh from Means.TV, the very first worker owned streaming service.

Also, seriously, get vaccinated against COVID-19 if you haven’t already. Cases are already ticking back up worldwide.

*NOTE: if you have to go back into the office to work for some reason, you should probably go watch this in your car on break.