Sara Schaefer Imagines a Dystopian-ish Future and Reminisces About Real Life Present Day with “Loner at Coyowolf Creek”


At this point in this age of podcasts, one could reasonably wonder how someone could come up with a new podcast that’s innovative, engaging, and quietly beautiful, especially in the comedy podcast space.

Enter Sara Schaefer’s Loner at Coyowolf Creek

Schaefer podcasts “from the future” where she imagines that the America we know now is referred to as “America 1″ and the dystopian (but not quite an Orwellian dystopia) America she lives in is known as “America 2″ divided by actual, federally mandated “bubble zones” mostly because no one could reasonably talk to each other (kind of like it actually is in real life 2018). 

Not only does Schaefer build an entire quasi-futuristic, yet grounded world in her podcast that’s kind of marvelous in its solitude (she records her podcast as a “government approved designated loner”), but she “looks back” at the time that we’re currently in and gives her thoughts that she had at that time in America 1, then offers up what consequently happened in America 2.

If you were to think of it as an episode of Black Mirror, it’s one that’s not as hopeful as “San Junipero”, but yet not quite as terrifying as “Metalhead”.

So, please listen, subscribe, and enjoy Loner at Coyowolf Creek.