Sandy Danto Really Wants to Do His Comedy Special on a Jet Ski in a Pool on a Yacht on a 18 Wheeler Big Rig Truck

Nearly all comedy specials are just a single person on a stage talking through some form of amplification. Maria Bamford’s Special Special Special taped at her house with her parents, Harland Williams’ A Force of Nature taped in the desert, Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel’s Crash Test taped on a party bus, and even Netflix’s Characters are starting to buck that trend. However, those are only a handful of specials out of the dozens and dozens that are just someone talking in front of a crowd.

However, Sandy Danto wants to snap that trend even harder by going as big as he imagination will let him. He wants to do a comedy special in a way that would put most lavish hip hop music videos to shame (he apparently also wants to get the last bit of his wild youthful days out of his system before going forward with settling down with his family).

His idea is that he would want to be on a jet ski that’s riding in a pool that has been built into the deck of a yacht. Then, that yacht would be on an 18-wheel flat bed truck that drive across the country. 

Read that back and watch his presentation video just to ensure that you didn’t read that wrong.

Knowing that such a project would actually cost millions of dollars, Sandy is only asking to raise $10K on Kickstarter for this dream special. With that money, Danto can put something together to shop around to bigger investors that might actually fork over the time, money, and resources to make this American fever dream of a comedy special a reality.