Samantha Bee To Leave “The Daily Show” For Her Satirical News Show at TBS

(via Deadline)

Samantha Bee wasn’t kidding when she tweeted out “Lord thundering Jesus this day is about to get exciting.”

Announced today, she will be starring in a satirical news show that has gone into development over at TBS. Her husband Jason Jones has also left The Daily Show for his own TBS series “Vacation Time”.

So, with some of the most senior Daily Show correspondents Jason Jones and Samantha Bee gone and Jon Stewart headed out later this year, the mystery thickens even beyond who will take Stewart’s desk as The Daily Show host to what will a whole new era of The Daily Show look like.

There are a lot of things in play here, but stop and take a look at be amazed with the comedy empire of satirical news shows alone that The Daily Show has sprouted with its alumni. The Colbert Report, Last Week Tonight, The Nightly Show, and now Samantha Bee’s upcoming series.