Sam Simmons Becomes 2nd Comedian Ever to Win MICF’s Barry Award and Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award in the Same Year

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival and The Edinburgh Fringe Festival are two of the biggest festivals showcasing comedy on the entire planet. To win a ‘best show’ award at either is a great distinction and winning both at any time is fantastic.

Winning both is something else altogether.

The only other person to win awards at the MICF’s Barry Award and Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award, honoring the best show at each festival, is one Dr. Brown who deftly blurs the lines between clowning and more modern day comedy.

Sam Simmons’ fantastically absurd show, Spaghetti For Breakfast, got Sam both awards this year making an exclusive two member club of Sam and Dr. Brown.

Thus, it shouldn’t surprise you at all that the pair of them clown around together every once in awhile. 

Make sure you catch Sam whenever you can and you’ll find out why his comedy is deserving of international accolade on either side of the globe.