Watch Samantha Bee Roast Presidents Throughout Decades in Past and in Alternate Futures for Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Though the administrations of Nixon, FDR, Clinton, Reagan, Wilson, JFK, Truman, and more didn’t get the barbs of a White House Correspondents Dinner of the 21st century, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee made sure to dream up what that might be like for the #NotTheWHCD event this weekend. Bee was in proper period comedian attire and had plenty of references we hope you don’t have to look up.

Also, looking to the future, Bee and co. imagined, at the end of that segment, what a White House Correspondents Dinner would be with Pence as the POTUS (assuming Trump is out of office soon) or what an alternate future WHCD would be had Hillary Clinton won last year’s election.

Overall, Bee made good on having an alternative to the WHCD, though Hasan Minhaj did an amazing job as WHCD host, and, additionally, raised over $200K for the Committee to Protect Journalists. Perhaps, a new annual tradition has been born?