Ryan Stout’s 2nd Album “How To Be An Audience” Lives Up to Its Title


If you’ve done stand-up for awhile, you learn that all audiences are different and, as such, have their own unique dynamic, energy, and attitude. 

Ryan Stout, on top of being a sharp joke craftsman, is always hawkish about how the crowd is responding in this regard and has a knack for aggressively, yet cleverly jostling them around to his side. His second album, How To Be An Audience, serves as a perfect example of how Stout pulls this off since the crowd is noticeably cold right at the top of the hour. 

However, that doesn’t deter Stout. Ryan pushes forward for the hour with his command of the stage and unshakeable confidence in his material and ends up killing.

Literally, he trains the audience, a la the title, how to be an audience and make them enjoy it the whole way through. For that alone, you should pick up How To Be An Audience.

Also, if you’re a fan of dark comedy, you should know Stout is always a sure bet.