Ryan Singer’s Free Love, His Great New Album, Is Being Offered as “Free Love” (i.e. Free to Download)


It would seem as through comedian Ryan Singer has been and will forever be on a quest to simultaneously understand the connective tissue of the human experience and how we reconcile it with the infinite universe around us and make comedy about said quest for any and all. 

His latest album, Free Love, is a notable milestone in said quest as Singer beautifully weaves through nuanced and spirited jokes about esoteric knowledge, singularity, and milkshakes. Ryan also keeps a good sense of self-awareness so it doesn’t seem like you’re going for the trippy ride that you’re going to go on (and will delight in) within this hour.  

Perhaps, nicest of all, Ryan is living true to the title and offering up this album for FREE download. We say that you should take up Singer on his Free Love. Do so here.