Ryan Conner Recorded His New Comedy Album ‘Live From An Old Prison’ at an Actual Prison



The last of this week’s plethora of comedy releases that you need to shell out for is definitely something you’ve probably haven’t seen or heard in comedy. The very funny Ryan Conner went ahead and recorded his comedy album Johnny Cash style by going to an old prison to perform. 

Live From an Old Prison was recorded at Lorton Prison near Washington D.C. To our knowledge, while many comedians have served time in a correctional facility and have even gone back to perform for others that have been jailed, we don’t know of any that actually recorded an album or taped a special in one. 

On top of that, Ryan Conner’s got one hell of a life story that you should hear about in his comedy.

So, get his album on iTunes, CD Baby, or pay what you want starting at $1 at Gumroad.