Russian Federation Moves to Formally Ban Zelensky’s Comedy in Russia

(via THR)

Any time free speech is limited, it’s a dangerous sign of what’s to come and a terrifying reminder of where you already are. When it comes to banning or censoring comedy, that’s even degree further beyond the pale and almost a clear admission that people in charge are engaging in such nefarious deeds since they dare not risk any sort of inevitable criticism in any public form.

Russian “President” Vladimir Putin has already made it a crime to report Russia’s wanton invasion of Ukraine as a war instead of a “special military operation”, but has now gone further as his administration has formally banned the comedy of Ukrainian President and current world hero, Volodomyr Zelensky, from the “cultural agenda” of Russia. Essentially, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu is claiming that continual access to Zelensky’s performances in movies and TV (namely, Servant of the People) in Russia undermines the authority of what Putin and his cronies are trying to accomplish. There is such rich irony in a ban like this as this is clearly motivated by fear, specifically a fear that any dissent could ruin Putin’s plan, while Putin is the one who struck first against Ukraine. It’s pretty basic knowledge that the best way to fuel criticism is to actively and aggressively silence your critics.

We can only hope that this is one of many cowardly moves by Putin that will inspire more Russian nationals desert Putin and depose him in some way.