The Ruby LA Will Be LA’s Newest Comedy Venue (and Taking Over the Nerdist School)


While Meltdown Comics and the Nerdmelt Showroom are indeed closing, the space that was known as Nerdist School at 7518 W. Sunset Blvd. (right next door to Meltdown Comics) will be reopened as The Ruby LA, a comedy venue focused on inclusivity, specifically intersectional feminism. They’ll be “…bringing in women, people of color, and queer voices to round out leadership and faculty positions, while also creating and producing shows by underrepresented voices,” as stated in their press release this morning.

Led by Nerdist School’s heads Jen Curran, Lindsay Barrow, and Randy Thompson, The Ruby LA will have a launch event that will go from noon to midnight on April 7th with comedians of all sorts from all over LA.

The dust has been settling from all the LA comedy closures, but we can now thankfully chalk one point on the side of comedy venues opening.

Follow The Ruby LA on Twitter @the_ruby_la.