Later This Year, There Apparently Will Be a Doc About Rory Scovel Doing an Entirely Improvised Performance


There are few details as we only heard this mentioned briefly in passing on the latest episode of the delightful podcast Pen Pals with Daniel and Rory (#GrowTheShow), but, apparently, there is a documentary in the works following the one and only Rory Scovel doing an entire performance (we’re assuming an hour) of stand-up entirely made up on the spot. 

It was shot in Atlanta and Scovel called it a doc rather than a traditional comedy special, which leaves a lot to the imagination. Fortunately, when it comes to imagining what Rory does untethered to material, the possibilities are endless (and usually one of the funniest things you’ve ever seen like the time we saw him riff on concrete for 10 minutes). 

The picture above is not from the doc, but just something we snapped recently because Rory came out on stage with a Bible he found backstage and was threatening to make the comedy show a Bible study of sorts. It’s the sort of magic that Rory is just great at creating.

We’ll keep you in the loop as more details emerge.