Ron Lynch-Tip of the Hat 3/6/11

The Comedy Bureau “Tips Its Hat” this week to RON LYNCH:

“Mmmm mmmm mmm MMMMMM MMMM MMMM!?!?” (Yes, you read that right, Ron unintelligibly mumbled during his entire set last Monday at a bar…. and killed)

If you hear about me talking about Ron Lynch in person, I might say something like, “I wish these were my words, but someone beat me to them: Ron Lynch is a National Treasure.”  I told that to Ron once and he told me that was enough of the flattery.  The sheer humility of one of the most original and jaw-droppingly funny comedic voices of our generation is, in itself, worthy of a “Tip of the Hat”.

“On paper”, Ron’s act might seem almost too simple and hard to figure how exactly he’ll pull it off, but, by the end, it becomes more brilliant than you can imagine.  Last Monday, he literally mumbled his entire set where you couldn’t understand a single thing that he was saying.  Still, his deft touch and uncanny awareness as a performer not only got a bar full of twenty-something drunkards laughing, but applauding him victoriously.  As is the case with Ron Lynch, there are only so many ways that I could describe what happened, but you really just have to witness him responding to audience suggestions of doing impressions while still mumbling and get uproarious laughs yourself.

Simply put, Ron shows us what comedy can be and the true artistry behind just entertaining a bunch of strangers in a darkened room, which is why he really is a more of a “wonder of the world of comedy” rather than a “national treasure”.

One of my favorite shows in Los Angeles, the Tomorrow Show, is produced and hosted by Ron Lynch every Saturday at the Steve Allen Theater starting appropriately at midnight and is something that really is “bucket list” worthy every time that you go.  If you can’t stay up for that, then check back here at the Comedy Bureau for any other dates he performs because, rest assured, they’ll be here.