Jesse Popp (Conan writer)
Barry Rothbart (Tonight Show)
Karl Hess (Montreal)
Hampton Yount
Max Lance
Jason Lawhead
Aaron Glaser

“Hand Shucked”
Saturdays 8pm
Moving Arts Theater*
1822 Hyperion ave
Los Angeles, Ca 90026
$5 w/ free beer (or byob – bring any beverage – wine, etc)
Free parking (across street at the key shop 1831 Hyperion)

*The theater is hard to find b/c there’s no sign. If going east on Sunset, turn left on Fountain. And right after Fountain curves north into Hyperion, the theater is the BLUE building on the right. Parking lot is to the left (at the corner of Hyperion and Fernwood Ave) under the sign that says “KEYS”